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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Art That's Personal

It's not hard to understand that the act of making things is a means of self expression and artists/craftspeople fulfill this in a myriad of different ways. Many approach it from a cerebral and intellectual way, finding solutions to aesthetic problems. Some approach the act of making art/things in a philosophical way commenting on the human condition or an activist way making political statements, for example "green" craft. Others, like me, take an extremely personal approach, telling the story of MY life. I've spoken about this in past blogs.

Well, now as I approach my 60th birthday in the month of April, the story I've decided to work with is based on the idea of the "Road of Life" as in The Journey; The Creative Path; The Road Less Traveled; The Wide Path and the Narrow Path; The Roller Coaster of Life. So, some new work I'm beginning makes use of the translucent layering technique I developed about 15 years ago which resembles enameling, but with polymer clay and reveals a shallow depth of surface. The layers in this technique can also speak of the many layers of meaning, activity, and circumstances we have in our lives.

Unlike much or my previous work, I have decided to be more non-representational, more abstract, so that I will not prescribe what others should see. This format is extremely difficult for me and that is why I want to challenge myself with it. The two large hollow beads pictured here together are called "Path" and this shows one of my first attempts at layered abstraction.

Stay tuned for more work in this new direction. I'm still using the format of jewelry (and probably purses) because I LOVE to wear jewelry and I enjoy working small. Also, you might want to take a look at my website which has been updated with a few more recent images.


Luda_Marchenko said...

Very beautiful realization of philosophy. Very beautiful beads

Dee said...

Simply beautiful, as is all of your work. Your work is wonderful!

donna said...

Hi Kathleen, I'm fascinated with your translucent concepts. I worked in encaustics for a time and found myself getting happily lost in the multiple layers.
Your new Road of Life story touches me as well as I am slouching towards 60 myself and feel the need to explore new avenues. That is how I got into polymer clay this year. A far cry from the large murals I had been painting for the last 20 years.,working small is new territory for me. I look forward to seeing where your path takes you and I enjoyed reading your blog.

Diane D. said...

I love your new abstract and especially love the translucent look you achieve. But please don't stop taking inspiration from nature. I love the colors and tranquility you give to it. I just turned 60 myself and I am also going into a different direction in my art. From decorative painting to mixed media art which includes polymer clay. It's been a year or so since I made the change and am loving it. Have you ever thought of writing a book on your techniques? It would be on my bookshelf in a heartbeat.
Thanks for sharing with us.
DianeD MA

Cynthia Cook Wiggins said...

Have been following your blog and work. very beautiful and would like to take a workshop sometime. are you coming out west soon, Colorado, NM?

Tai said...

Hello Kathleen! I'm a braziliam blogguer and I loved your work!! I did a post about your purses, I'm surprised about them!


Kisses e have a great week!

florence said...

I like it

Stephanie Kamara said...

Kathleen you are an incredible woman! God has blessed you with many talents that you have made great use of. … What a blessing. And you are absolutely correct being an “artist is most definitely a hard job. In order for me to create, everything must be aligned, mind, body and spirit; which is probably why I have never made it as a professional artist. My profession, an elementary art teacher keeps me working through my creative side, and I am compelled do my job as a teacher whether or not my mind, body, and spirit are aligned (because my principal said that I have to). I am inspired by you, thanks for sharing you journey with us.


creapolyfolies said...

Bonjour Madame
I am a member of créapolyfolies, a young Belgian association for the discovery of polymer clay and you are my idol (like many others:))) since I started
Would you come and give us an internship during your travels in Europe and what would be your terms
Thank you for the attention that you will devote ourselves

Rita alias alatvian said...

Love your work!
Good luck with the new direction!
And happy very belated birthday!

Pooja Malhotra said...

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