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Thursday, April 10, 2008

An award from the 2008 Smithsonian Craft Show

Kathleen is currently in Washington, D.C., where she is exhibiting at the prestigious Smithsonian Craft Show through this weekend (Sunday, April 13th). Yesterday she was very honored to receive the show's New Direction - Excellence in Design Of the Future award. To give some context, the annual Smithsonian Craft Show is one of the two most discriminating and prestigious shows in the world for contemporary fine craft, in the opinion of many leading artists. Kathleen was juried into this show several times earlier in her career, and indeed was profiled by Smithsonian Magazine in 2000, but had seen a Smithsonian dry spell in recent years. She asked me to share with you that returning to that extremely competitive show, with a risky/bold new body of work, was the culmination of a dream/goal for her, and she is thrilled to have received this award. She will share many more of her feelings and observations about the state of fine craft (including polymer clay) gleaned from experiencing this show upon her return. Now she will have some time to get back to blogging, which is still a new thing for her.

Sincere regards to all,

David Dustin


Susan Turney said...

Congratulations to her! And YAY about the future blogging!!

whimsymoon said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful!

Rene said...

How wonderful this has to be for Kathleen! Having followed her career for the past 5 years I can certainly say it was a well deserved honor. She has carried her thoughts, skills and designs so far beyond the norm.

When I look at her pieces it is with awe. I'd so love to have the chance to attend any class offered by her.

Kathleen's art shows any polymer artist just how far it can be adapted to whatever the imagination can come up with. Looking at her pieces with blades of grass,the ones of pods and blossoms should convince the beginner that there are no boundaries.

Congratulations Kathleen you show us all what can be done with patience and the understanding of your media choice.

michele said...

Had a chance to see Kathleen at the Smithsonian Show and let me tell you... the work was exquisite!!! Kathleen's award was well deservd!!!

Judy said...

I use sculpey to have children make their own pens for our journaling workshops [ are in you Phila. anytime soon so I can learn from you?

215 906 8916
Or are you going anywhere fun and could use an assistant?

Ice Dragon said...

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