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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My New Shop Online

Can't wait to get to my next show or can't get to any of my shows? Now, you can check out and buy some of my work on my new SHOP! Right now I have earrings, my most popular neckpiece, and my most popular purse design. I will also update the shop from time to time with new things and have sales.

So, go check it out and have fun.


Anita + Elias Schwegler-Juen said...


Tejae Floyde said...

They're beautiful Kathleen.

CW said...

Hi Kathleen

Guess my brain cells are not working. How do I get to your shop online. I clicked on My New Shop Online, but only got the comments.


patty sue said...

Can't get to your shop either. Cynthia

Kathleen Dustin said...

Go back to my homepage and click on shop. Sorry, I didn't link it to the blog.

Nhoa said...

Hi there! Your work is realy really good! I hope you don't mind I uploaded a post in my blog about your fantastic work!!!


Kisses from Spain!!

Joliesse Design said...

your work is amazing!!!

Creative Living & Wabi Sabi Style said...

I have blogged about your bags here:



Dwen Ujang said...

Hi Kathleen,

I met Mrs. Karg from FIMO Staedtler Germany recently. She came by to my hometown in Kuala Lumpur to help me/Staedtler Malaysia promote FIMO. And she was wearing one of your beautiful Pendant and I am glad that she told me about you.

I bought a bunch of books of famous Polymer Designs and sure enough you are one of the best and my favorite among all.

I wish I live near you so that I can attend one of your classes. It will definitely help me to grow to the next level as a Polymer Artist.

I hope to see more of your beautiful designs as they are my source of inspiration and as a benchmark for me. I feel like my skill is not expanding and in fact kind of stagnant. hahaha.

Thank you for sharing your blog and your website with people like me. They are truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Dwen Ujang.

Dwen Ujang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

A co worker in pharmacy escrow recommend me to check your stuff maybe i could like something she said, but well thanks, do you have a link on ebay or amazon ?

Malik Zeeshan said...

Can't get to your shop either
online shoppen

Pooja Malhotra said...

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Ice Dragon said...

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