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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Work for the New Year

Here you see two images of new work that is not even on my website yet.  This continues within my recent "Pod" series where I make use of tiny organic forms and reinterpret them on a different scale. The series began with the idea that a pod is a hollow container designed to hold and protect something that is fragile and important. This idea seemed appropriate for the function of an evening bag as well, and so began the series.

So, expanding on that original idea, I noticed some beautiful tall grass blowing in the wind by the side of the road with purple tips, green and peachy stalks and I thought, "What beautiful grass.  Now, what can I do with that to make a purse?"  After doing some drawings and thinking about it for quite a long time, I came up with "Blowing Grass Purse." (Catchy title, huh?) I am very excited about this piece!

Ideas like this come about because I feel my job as an artist includes "paying attention". Earlier in my life when we lived in big cities, in other countries, while I was raising a family, I was paying attention to the stages in my life, paying attention to the lives of other women, and I tried to pay attention to my inner life. All of this is reflected in earlier purses that you can see on my website. Now, with more time and living in the woods of New Hampshire, I am paying attention to nature, not because I ever intended to but because it has pretty much forced itself upon me.  I used to resist being "inspired by nature" because it seemed like an overused theme for artists. Now, here I am looking at grass and reinterpreting it in colored plastic in the form of a purse.

By paying attention and then putting it somehow into my work, I hope then to open other's eyes and perhaps enable them to pay attention: to life, to the world, to people, to whatever they might be missing at the moment.


Polka Dot Creations said...

I can "feel" the movement in that purse. It's just lovely!

Janice said...

This purse is exquisite. You've captured the movement so well that I can almost hear it!

Lorna said...

Ya know, sometimes it's hard to follow an artist when they decide to "move on". I knew you were up to something, and I never cease to be enamoured with your new work. I'm glad you are "noticing"! I love this new work (really, averything in the "pod" series) as much as I do the "Village Women".
Your friend, Lorna

Susan Turney said...

Absolutely stunning! I'm so happy you are blogging.

Aunt Cin said...

Kathleen, this makes me want to go out and roll in the grass while the wind blows over me.

Simply lovely. Gives me all sorts of ideas. See, I'm still in that stage of my art where I have to try to copy and figure out what you marvelous trailblazers are doing - I haven't yet found my own "voice," but I'm working on it!

Thank you for sharing this here - lettings all feel like we're in at he beginning of a wondrous new venture!


Deb Groom said...

Now this is a purse to get in line for!
I've never understood the absurd amount of money
some women pay for a purse just so other women will know what they paid.
This has the absolute "wow" factor that makes purse envy understandable.
I'm enjoying your blog and look forward to more in the series. It's fresh.
Deborah Groom

Nylad said...

I am under the spell! It is wonderful! I see the wind bend the tall grass!

Raven's Clay said...

Oh Kathleen! Once again, your new work has totally floored me - Zounds! Will ever cease to amaze me?!? Keep it coming, Girl... we are sooooo loving it! :)

Jen Hoover said...

That is just so so so neat and beautiful at the same time. I'm wondering, is it flexible or stiff? I wish I could see it in front of me..

Louise HIll said...

I'm was really happy to have found out that you now have a blog. It's great to see what you are working on. "Blowing Grass Purse", it's lovely!! Absolutely gorgeous:)

Ilene said...

That is breathtaking! I can see, feel and imagine things. But, I cannot get it from my brain, down to my fingers, and onto the piece I am making. Is this something that can be learned or is it an innate ability? I seriously would like to know. Does anyone else feel the same?

Naama said...

yuor work is outstanding! your new series is wonderful - love your work!!!!!

glasskanvas said...

Your work is so inspiring!..I'm away to buy myself some clay!..Stunning!

Carol said...

I agree that "paying attention" is integral to one's growth as an artist. When we become conscious of giving our attention to what is around us, every simple thing has a "message" that can enrich our lives and art.

Mother Teresa said: "See how nature - trees, flowers, grass - grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence...we need silence to be able to touch souls.”

I think you have touched souls, as well, Kathleen. Your work has a spiritual quality.